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animalcraftsLet me first thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My goal is to provide my visitors with great ideas for home crafts. One of my inspirations is this site right here. I would also very grateful to those who can add to or enhance the ideas that I will post. I am hoping that we can all learn together, and improve our skills.

I’ve been making homemade crafts or a few years now. I like to think that I have an eye for design. For the longest time I was pretty much only working with wood and paint. The first few months of starting up were definitely a learning experience, but I eventually got pretty good at it (if I do say so myself). Since then I’ve been working to branch out crafting from other materials as well. In the past couple of weeks I recently purchased a Cricut Expressions machine to cut vinyl. I am now working to include these vinyl design and lettering in my project

Types of Projects

So what type of crafting project will I be posting about on this blog?

Wall Decorations

This is more so my area of expertise. I like taking pre-cut pieces of wood and finishing them or painting over them. In the default image of this post, you can see the wall art I created for my baby’s nursery. I found these pieces of wood a discount price, then painted them with paint matching my nursery color scheme. Finally with my new Cricut, I used the Noah’s Art font, and cut the vinyl into animal shapes and stuck them on. I got this idea from Pinterest from very similar decorations that normally cost $50 to buy. Instead I figured it out and made my own for about $25. What a bargain!

Seasonal Decor

seasonal craftsEven though you only get to use it once a year, seasonal decorations are probably my favorite types of crafts to work on. I get to be creative and it’s somewhat surprising to myself that I keep coming up with newer and better ideas each year. Just give me some ribbon, paint, glitter, and a few other odds and ends and I’ll be busy all year long! The sled to the left was my most recent idea. I’ve already sold a few of these in my neighborhood. Some read and metallic paint, and ribbon with a pre-made sled from a local craft shop and I turned it around for a profit of about $15 a pop.

Functional Crafts

This is an area that I’ve been wanting to delve into for a while now. Most of my homemade crafts are there purely for aesthetic pleasure. While many of them are beautiful they have no real function other than that. I’ve recently found a number of different DIY decoration ideas that are for crafts that actually have functional purpose in the home. I will post about these as well as I attempt to make them and will give my first hand opinion of which projects are more worthwhile than others.

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Cleanup After A Messy Project

GlitterIt’s one of the least fun parts of any art project: The cleanup. When you first start on any particular craft you are usually excited, hopeful and full of energy. You can’t wait to see how your work is going to turn out. By the end, you’ve probably experienced a bit of frustration trying to get it to look just right, but even when your project is finished, and you have it looking as good as it’s going to get, you still have to cleanup all of the materials that you used.

Now depending on the nature of your recent art project and what you used for it, cleanup could turn into a massive headache. The aftermath can be particularly devastating when children are involved. A few weeks ago, I wanted to give my kids a hands-on home assignment, and we re-attempted the sleeping mask project I wrote about a few months ago. My girls decided that they needed to have princess masks, and this inevitably led to large quantities of glue and glitter. I will say that my girls are very talented artistically (I’m a proud mother can you tell?), so their masks looked pretty legit. Unfortunately they aren’t so gifted in the “clean and tidy” department and they got glue all over the table, and glitter all over our floor.

Many of you may be familiar with the term “glitter bombing” and while no glitter was actually thrown, the end result seemed to be that of a glitter bomb. We cleaned it up as best we could, but glitter lingers. After a few days we got VERY tired of finding it in our clothes, food, eyes, you name it. A friend of mine recommended to us letting a robot vacuum roam the floor in the area and suck up the residual glitter. This is not an option I had ever considered, and I’ve been pretty skeptical about whether these automatic small vacuums actually worked that well or not, but I figured it was worth a try. I went online and found this site which reviews these robotic cleaners. In the end I chose what I considered to be one of the best robot vacuum cleaners which arrived in the mail two days later. I was surprised at how well the it was able to clean my floor, not only of the glitter, but also other dust and grime that had been on the floor for ages.

At the end of the day, the leftover mess was cleaned up much more effectively than we were able to do by hand. Not only that, but I found my new favorite cleaning toy. It now zooms around my house nearly all day, and my floors have never looked so amazing. To get back on point, I would recommend that if you have a big messy project you are considering doing, that you plan ahead for the mess. It can save you from needlessly suffering in the end. Whether you buy a new cleaning appliance or Suran wrap your table, the moral of the story is to think ahead! An easy cleanup makes any crafting project much more enjoyable!


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Make Your Own Makeup Brush Roll

craftster-makeupbrushThis week, during my countless hours of scouring the internet for new crafts, I ran into this very simple very helpful little piece. Now I know not all women wear makeup, but I know the majority of us do. This may sound shallow to explain, but for me personally, makeup helps me define who I am. Not that I cake my face with it, nor change my look completely, but makeup is a great tool to help accentuate your natural beauty.

One of the reasons why I consider myself to be a makeup enthusiast is because of how big of a difference I feel that it made for me in my life. In high school, my complexion was terrible. I had really oily skin that at times was acne prone. It led to me having some very big self esteem issues. I didn’t know at the time that there were products that could help me deal with it. Unfortunately at the time, there weren’t makeup websites like this that had charts of different types of foundation or other products that worked well with certain skin types. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I discovered a brand of makeup that worked really well with my skin, and that made all the difference for me. I felt more confident in my look, and that carried over into other areas of my life.

That’s probably more than you wanted to know about me, but hopefully that gives you a little bit of a better understanding of why I love makeup so much. That being said, using makeup is almost like crafting your face and I love the freedom it gives me to have different looks on different days. Obviously I’m the artsy type (hence this crafting blog), so this makeup brush roll has got me pretty excited.

#1. To begin you’ll need a piece of thicker sturdy material. The picture in this post is the original one that I found, so the first one I made looks a little different than this. I used denim material for mine.

#2. Fold the bottom of the material up about 5 inches and then use pins or some kind of tape to keep in in place temporarly.

#3. Now use a hot iron to straighten out the material completely. You will need to press hard since you are using thick material.

#4. Now take your brushes and place them in the fold that you’ve created for them. (If 5 inches was too much or two little, readjust the fold and re-iron the crease at the bottom)

#5. Now fold the material with the brushes upward once more about 5 inches so that the brushes are upside-down and fully folded within the material.

#6. Cut off the excess material, and then iron the new crease you have created by the second fold.

#7.  Now unfold you first fold so that you can see the tops of your brushes and so they are still tucked into the first fold.

#8. Then fold the right and left edges of the material in about a quarter of an inch and sew the side fold. Then sew the brush pockets up from the bottom vertically creating a pocket for each brush as needed. You will be done with this step when you have created all desired pockets.

You first attempts may not go so well, so you may want to first practice on some spare material, but you should quickly get the hang of it. Try playing around with different material and thread to create a makeup brush roll bag that suits you personality and sense of style!

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Culinary Crafts

CulinaryArtOne type of craft that I am not very experienced with are culinary crafts. Those crafts either meant to be placed among food or beverages, or sometimes they are actually crafts made of edible material. I ran into some experiences over the holiday season that lead to me becoming more interested in culinary crafts, but I will get into that in a moment.

I’d first like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Years. I hope you all had a great year last year, and that you’ve all taken the chance to resolve to make 2014 your best year yet! In the spirit of New Years Day, I’d like to share with you one of my new years resolutions: to learn some cool culinary crafts this year!

So what sparked this desire? It’s true that in the past, culinary art has never really interested me, however my Christmas vacation this year changed my mind. This year my family decided to splurge a little and we decided to travel to the popular winter destination of Park City, UT. Now Park City is a quaint ski resort town in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. It is located about 30 minutes away from where the annual Sundance film festival, and is located by some of the greatest ski resorts in the world (many celebrities have been known to frequent the area). Using this property management rental site my family found a great priced mountain cabin to rent for the weekend right in Park City. The rental property management company we went through handles short vacation rentals in the area and basically treated our cabin like a hotel room. When we arrived they had gone the extra mile to have the place set up beautifully. The towels were folded into animal shapes, and the room was spotless.

What surprised me most was the snack they had waiting for us when we arrived the first day. On the dresser, we discovered beautiful works of art made out of various fruits. I took some pictures to share, but I had never seen anything so beautiful made out of food, and that is what prompted my new years resolution.

Now I’m not setting my goal super high to the point of being able to achieve these culinary crafts I ran into over the holiday. My goal is actually just to find some, beginner level culinary crafts that are unique and look amazing. I don’t have anything specific in mind at this point, so if any of you have any suggestions feel free to pass them along to me.

I would like to encourage you all to think of something you’d like to learn or improve this year. Make a plan, and then take the necessary steps to make it happen. Regardless of what you do, or what you want to do, you need to keep improving. New Years resolutions get a bad rep of being non-committal goals we set for ourselves, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In your home, business, or personal lives you should be getting becoming more skilled each year, and resolutions at any time can help you achieve that.

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Lamp Shade Project

LampThis is a cute little idea that I decided to do for my daughter when she was born. The picture in this post is not my own, but this is what originally gave me the idea for this project. The great thing about lamps and shades is that they are cheap and easy to find! Also they come in a variety of different shapes and colors so it should be easy enough to put your own personalized touches on this decoration.

How To Start

#1. First you’ll need to pick out the perfect lamp. Make sure that the color and style of the lamp and shade match the style of the room that it will be apart of. When choosing a lamp you’ll need to consider which lampshades will fit on it (if you won’t be using the stock one). You’ll probably want a medium to large lamp for this project. While not necessarily a requirement, the project will probably look best if you go with a simple barrel or drum shaped lamp shade. Other lamp shade styles will have angles that you might find to be awkward when writing.

#2. Besides the lamp and the shade, there is really only one other thing that you need to make this craft happen and that is your writing utensil. While you technically can just use a permanent marker, I’ve found that it looks a whole lot better if you use a paint marker pen. These paint pens look and write like markers, except that instead of normal marker ink they have a special oil-based ink that is really closer to paint. You can check out a great comparison chart of the top fountain pens for craft projects on this website. There is also another chart for paint pens, but as a side note I have created some amazing projects with calligraphy fountains pens, and I’m tempted to try it on a lamp shade one of these times. Paint pens, however, will draw on thicker and will be more opaque on your shade canvas than would a normal marker. It will also be much more durable so that it will not smudge if touched or if it gets wet. Hands down paint marker pens are the ideal writing instrument to use for this project.

#3. Now what was done in this picture (and what I opted to do as well) is that words used were actually those of a heartfelt personalized message to a child. I’ve also see it where some people use song or poem lyrics. Essentially you will need to choose the words or lyrics that you will be using before hand.If you have problems choosing the right words you can visit the site which I am a fan of and often recommend for people to use. Once you’ve chosen the right lyrics and have them written down on a piece of paper or printed out word for word, you can proceed.

#4.Lastly you just need to write the words you’ve chosen exactly on this custom lamp shade. Make sure to have planned out the spacing and that you know how many words should be on each line and how many lines you will have on the lamp shade. You don’t want to run out of space or have too much of it left. If your handwriting isn’t the best you may want to have another family member or friend write it for you. Once you’re done writing let the lamp shade sit for a few hours so that the ink/paint can dry. Vuala, you are left with a beautiful new work of art!


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Get Well Quote Plaque

Being sick is just something that we don’t plan for. Everyone gets sick sometimes, even the most healthy among us. Sometimes it’s just a little cough or a sneeze, and sometimes it evolves into a serious case of the flu or worse. Such times are no fun for the person suffering. Often it can be even harder on loved ones. They have to sit by and watch, pray, and hope for the sick individual to get better.

Well busy hands are just the thing to help calm your anxiety when there feels like there isn’t much you can do. Taking time to show individuals with illness that you care, can go a long way in helping them know that they have a solid support system. Knowing that others are rooting for them can help those with afflictions be in a better mood. One of my favorite gifts to give loved ones during such times, can be seen in the picture to the left. Essentially here is how to make this get well craft:

Get Better Soon PlaqueFirst you’ll need to plan out your idea of how you want it to look.  You’ll want to choose a cute quote or saying about getting well soon or wishing them to get better. You may already have the perfect quote in mind, if not, there are many great websites with “Get Well Quotes”. Once you have the perfect saying you can decide on a font, and other graphics that you may want on it (like the heart in this image).

Next you’ll need to get an unfinished plaque. I recommend a 5X8 plaque, but realistically you can use whatever size fits your idea best. Something that is getting popular is using old wood, to give the craft a more antique feel, so you may want to consider that as well.

You will need 2 different complimentary colors of acrylic paint. Use the same color that you will be using for the words as your base layer. Paint the complete plaque with one coat of it. Now let the plaque site and dry.

Once the coat is dry, the you can begin using the secondary color. Paint the majority of the plaque front this color, BUT don’t pain completely to the edges! You’ll want to pain out until a few centimeters from the edge then you’ll want to paint close to the edges in some places, and further away in other places. Once again see the picture on the left for an idea of how the edges should look.

Once again, let the plaque sit until the second coat of paint is completely dried. Then take a pencil and with it draw on the front of the plaque the words and any graphics you will be using. If your handwriting is not that good, you can use a stencil. The pencil will serve as a painting guideline. Lastly using a thinner paint brush, paint the words (and shapes if applicable) in the same color you used for your base coat. Once that is dry you are good to wrap it up like you would any other present.

I’ve had many friends and family members tell me how much such a gift meant to them during their time of illness. It’s cute, almost as affordable a Hallmark card, and depending on the saying you choose, it can hold a lot of sentimental value. It’s always neat to see my gift hang in living rooms and entry ways when I visit. To me it confirms that they really do cherish it.

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Crafting a Sleeping Mask

Crafty Sleeping MaskWhen I first saw some of these I thought that they were kind of cheesy, but then I began to see ones that were actually really well-made (and really cute)! My favorite is the panda mask which I’ve attached.

First let me just say that sleeping masks are the greatest thing ever! In the past I have struggled with insomnia. I’ve experience many sleepless night and I really had to make some major life changes in order to get sleep faster. I was surprised to find that things I did during the day greatly affected how I slept at night. After learning to eat better, and exercise and train myself on a new nightly routine, I finally beat the insomnia. I have to say that sleeping masks were a huge part of that, so they hold a special place in my heart.

With this sleeping mask project you actually have a lot of different options of how you can decorate it. Let’s get started!

#1. First, you need to find a comfortable sleeping mask. Most materials you use when crafting just need to look good. However, if you want THIS decoration to have functionality as well as fashion, you are going to need to choose a mask that is so comfortable that you’ll want to wear no matter how it looks on the flip side. Dark colors usually work best, but if the most comfortable mask you find isn’t your favorite color you shouldn’t worry. You will have the option of changing the front of it completely.

#2. Next get all of the materials that you will be using to decorate it. This is also a fun craft idea for children to take part in, as this is a perfect gift that they can give to a parent or an older sibling. If you are doing this for children, have some glue, glitter, and string out and let them decorate the front of the mask however they please. Now obviously it might not look that great on the front, but if it’s comfortable enough on the inside, the receiver of the gift will wear it regardless. Really it’s a great project that succeeds in making a child feel like that made something themselves and being a gift that will be enjoyed by most people.

#3. Once you’ve decided on the materials and design for the face mask, the last step is obviously to carry out your plan. If you did end up with a sleeping mask which isn’t the color that you’d prefer, you can choose cloth or felt (or some other material) that is your desired color and cut out the whole shape of the mask and sew it onto the front as a new base color. If there will be other decorations sewn on, it’s usually best to sew all the decorations onto a base material outline of the mask. Then when that’s done, you can sew the base material to the front of the mask. This will better preserve the shape of the mask on the inside and ensure that is still fits comfortably after you are done.

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Lyrics and Picture Wall Canvas

Lyrics and Photo Wall ArtI came across the following idea a few weeks ago on the internet and thought that it would be a darling thing to do for me and my husband. When we first got married he wrote a song for me and that’s how he proposed. It was the sweetest thing in the world. So when I saw this, I thought it would be perfect to take the lyrics to that song and mesh them with a picture of us. Then I could print that picture onto a 12 X 24 inch canvas (I have a friend who can do that for me).

So what do you need to create this little piece of art?

#1. Lyrics

Obviously it will mean the most to whoever the picture is for, if you choose lyrics that have personal meaning to both of you. This could be a wedding song, verses from your favorite poem, or even scriptures. For me this is a no brainer because my husband wrote a proposal song for me. You probably won’t have a hard time choosing the lyrics either. Keep in mind that your options for lyrics will change if you decide to make this project a commercial project like I probably will. If you decide to sell items made with this specific project idea, you will need to use lyrics that are not copyrighted. You can read this post at for a good explanation of which lyrics you can use commercially that will not have copyright protection.

#2. The Perfect Photo

This is a cute homemade craft that is perfect for a spouse, a boyfriend, a parent, or a best friend. You’ll want to take into account the mood of the lyrics and your relationship with the individual when choosing the perfect picture to mesh with your words. You’ll want to choose one that will also look nice for the picture you will be creating.

#3. Photoshop/Gimp

You will need to have a copy of Adobe Photoshop installed onto one of your computers. I know some of you will be very familiar with photoshop and others of you may not. There is a free alternative of Photoshop called Gimp that you may be able to use as well. I am unfamiliar with Gimp, so you’d have to figure it out for yourself, but you can watch the following Youtube video for instructions on how to merge your lines of text with your photo. The good thing about a Photoshop image is that it is a “vector image” which means you can print it as big or small as you want without needing to worry about it pixelating.

#4. Blank Canvas

You will next need to purchase blank canvas, or any other material that you will be printing this image onto. Plan on finishing it with gloss as well. You should be able to easily find canvas at your local arts and crafts store.

#5. Printing The Image

The last step is printing the image onto whatever material you will be using. This will probably take some special equipment that you may or may not have. If you don’t own this special printing equipment, no need to worry. Any professional printing shop should be able to do this for you at a fraction of the cost of what you would normally pay for this piece in total.

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Custom Finials

Before we get started, what exactly is a finial?

Finial Illustration by Viollet-le-Duc, 1856 -Image via Wikipedia

The term comes from architecture, where finials were widely used as part of the Gothic style. A finial is a decorative architectural piece used as ornament at the top of a gable or a pinnacle.

Finials are also used as terminating ends in furniture such as bed posts, but perhaps their most common use today is at the ends of curtain poles where they serve a practical purpose and are often elegantly designed in a variety of styles – gothic, art nouveau, minimal… you name the style and there’s a finial to go with it, and to match any room where curtain poles are used.

Curtain pole finials are designed in two ways. First, as an integral part of the pole. Second, as a ‘mix and match’ item that can be purchased separately and then fitted on to a plain-ended pole.

Integral Finials

To the left are examples of finials which are integral to the curtain pole design. When purchased, the pole and its finials come as a single item.

The first example shows the Bacchus, Capella, Titan and Cornucopia models from the Swish 25/28mm Extendable Poles range.

The second example is from the Harrison Drape Decorative Metal Curtain Poles range.

These poles are the Ascot and the Kempton. Both of them have sleeker, more modern lines and come in either Antique Brass or Satin Steel finishes.

Mix and Match Finials

Mix and Match finials can be purchased separately from curtain poles. All you need to do is make sure that they are designed to fir the curtain pole that you are matching them to. For instance, the finials shown here are from the Swish 28mm Mix and Match range, and as the name implies they should be matched with a 28mm pole.


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